The backing tracks and chord sheets of Caroline's original music are now available for purchase. Please see below for details on how to buy any of this material, and for terms and conditions.


One backing track alone is £3.99, but if you buy any more than one track, each will cost only £2.99. The lyrics/chords sheet for one song is £1.99, but if you buy more than one, each will cost £1.49.


Simply send a message via the contact section of this website and outline what it is you would like to purchase. If you have any questions, you can ask them in your message too.


The backing tracks to every song on both of Caroline's EPs are available to purchase. At the moment, only the original keys are available, but alternative keys may be available soon. The lyrics/chord sheets for every song on the Notes EP are available for purchase, but at this time, only the lyrics/chord sheets of three songs from the tricks EP are available (those are Always You, Find The Light, and Yellow).


Please note that by purchasing any backing tracks or lyrics/chord sheets, you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions.

-These backing tracks and lyric/chord sheets cannot be used for your financial profit. This means you can neither sell them as they are, nor sell your covers or make money from them (from monetising your covers online, for example).

-You are welcome to upload your own covers to any social media platform as long as it is not specifically for financial profit.

-It is understood that after purchasing any of this material, you will not pass it on to others for free nor for payment. Purchasing tracks or chord sheets allows them to be used by the purchaser only.

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