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Exploring the relationship between memory and storytelling, this original musical centres around one Dublin family as their resilience is challenged by several forms of loss. After waking from a coma with no memory of life before her accident, a woman must try to move on knowing little more than her name: Daisy. Her enduring passion for writing finds her escaping into the world of stories she creates in her notebook, but this coping mechanism still leaves Daisy believing that she cannot move forward without discovering her past. Desperate to unlock her memories, she never considers that some might be even harder to accept than the unknown.

Rebecca Lock (Phantom of The Opera, Mary Poppins, Mamma Mia!) singing It Is What It Is from the musical Daisy at Caroline's Live At Zedel gig in London, September 2019. In the show, the character of 'Mother' sings this song to her daughter, Daisy.

Fra Fee (Les Miserables, The Ferryman, Translations) singing A Million Things with Caroline Kay, a duet from the musical at Caroline's Live At Zedel gig in London, September 2019. You can listen to the studio recording of this song on all major online music stores and streaming sites.

A clip of the song 'A New Day', filmed at the first read/sing-through of the show in London, featuring Irish West End performers Alison Arnopp, Adam Gillian, Carol Heffernan, Alan McHale, Ben Morris, Danny Murphy, Claire O'Leary, Brigid Shine, and Tom Lees on piano. Footage by Hícaro Nicolai. 

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